Town of Pittsfield rallies behind MCI's graduating class

PITTSFIELD, Maine (WABI) - Like many schools, seniors at Maine Central Institute found out weeks ago that they will not be able to have a traditional graduation.

"It was something we were looking forward to for the past 12 years of our lives. For that to be taken away from us, it was just something hard to deal with," said Hannah Peacock, a graduating senior.

"Even their last day of school they didn't know was going to be their last day of school so they really didn't get a chance to say goodbye or celebrate the way that they would have," said Kristy Cyr, Hannah's mom.

That's when the community began to rally behind the school's graduating class.

Shortly after the traditional school year's abrupt end, parents of graduating seniors began putting together these signs.

Just one way for them to have the seniors be together, one last time.

"We wanted to just virtually wrap our arms around them and let them know that they're loved and we miss them. And we want them to know that we're proud, and they have a lot to celebrate," said Alicia Nichols,
Dean of Advancement at MCI.

Posters can be found all around town in support of the class of 2020.

Bud's Shop and Save has even paid tribute to some of the graduating seniors.

"Everyone whether you're the parent of a senior, or a grandparent or simply a resident or business owner. You'll see them supporting our class of 2020," said Nichols.

Organizers are still working out the details of a socially distant graduation ceremony on campus. The June 7th event will be virtual as well.

And as a sign of camaraderie, each student will wear an MCI cloth face mask.

"We've got maroon mask that says MCI class of 2020 with a graduation cap. And on the inside it's got husky paws for our mascot," said Cyr.

If you'd like to show your support for the MCI class of 2020, you can go to the school's Facebook page to find where to pick up a free window sign.