"Take-Out Challenge" in Waterville sets out to help struggling area restaurants

Published: Mar. 30, 2020 at 3:39 PM EDT
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Restaurants among other businesses have been some of the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With dining rooms closed, restaurants have resorted to takeout either inside, curbside, or delivery.

But the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce is offering a helping hand to those businesses in need.

"We wanted to minimize the impact to them of this pandemic. Graciously Damon's beverage has donated gift cards so every Wednesday we do a drawing. If people who have frequented these places scan and email us their receipt, then we will enter them into the drawing and give away the Damon's gift card," said Kimberly Lindlof,

President and CEO of Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce.

The Take-Out Challenge is motivating folks to eat out, and restaurant owners are loving it.

"It's actually been pretty overwhelming. We've had huge response from our locals and surrounding areas. People are definitely supporting it, wanting our staff and us to still be there once this is over," said Mary Carpinito, Owner of Amici's Cucina

"A great thing that they're doing to just try and help emphasize supporting local restaurants with their offer for take-out service. And the last couple weeks we've seen a little bit more of a return to normalcy," said Chad Partridge, Owner of Cappza's Pizza.

"If you're still gainfully employed, and earning a paycheck and are able to help these small businesses it's very important. As you know the vast majority of, I don't know if it's 96% or 98% of the businesses in Maine are small businesses," said Lindlof.

The Chamber says they'll keep the contest going until restaurants fully open back up.

You can get information on all the restaurants involved and where to send your receipts for the challenge at midmainechamber.com.