Want to know what stores are stocked? Brothers from Medway launch website

Published: Apr. 7, 2020 at 5:05 PM EDT
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Knowing what stores have in stock before you even walk in the doors.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn't.

A new website designed by two brothers from Medway is making some noise nationally.


It crowdsources information about what's at the store for foods like milk and eggs or home essentials like hand wipes and paper towels.

Basically, people walking through aisles report what they see on the website.

The more filled in the circle is - the more of the product is in stock.

You can make a report or just read others.

Chris and Trevor Violette are the brothers that made the site.

They have moved away from Maine and now live in Cleveland and Sacramento.

TV5 spoke with them about the site Tuesday morning.

"Cannot believe how many people have been using it and how good the responses been and how popular it has become," said Chris Violette. "I was looking at some of the stats and just over the last two days there's been over 3,000 visitors to the site. The response has been great, it's been used by a lot of people and that's the idea. The more people that use it the more useful it's going to be for everyone else."

"Just last night I checked out the map and now there's all kind of pins in Los Angeles and we saw a bunch pop up in Tennessee just overnight," said Trevor Violette. "Don't know if there's another article that came out or just a word-of-mouth thing with people spreading it around but it's been amazing to watch the growth throughout the country."

There is no app, yet, but that is in the works.

Chris is the one running the thing - all in his spare time from his day job., as a web developer.

Trevor handles the promotion in his spare time from being a Geologist.