Search continues for missing Medford woman

MEDFORD, Maine. (WABI)- 71-year-old Diana Estey disappeared from her home in Medford, 2 years ago.

She was last seen in October of 2016.

According to State Police, Estey is still considered a missing person.

Search efforts continued Sunday with the Warden Service along with volunteers and members of Estey's family.

"We are covering some of the gaps in the previous searches we have done. We have searched a lot of this area already but we are running teams over some of the area that has been covered before just checking to make sure we didn't miss anything."

District Game Warden, Kim Bates, says they believe Estey went for a walk somewhere around her house and got lost.

"There is a lot of areas that is very wooded behind her house, along some trails, that we have K-9 teams out as well as grid searchers."

Multiple searches have happened over the last two years, but no clues have surfaced.

The Warden Service says if anyone sees anything that might be a clue to report it.

"If they are out in the woods hunting or just simply recreating if they find any kind of clues at all, any kind of clothing. If they could let us know, anywhere in that Paddy Hill area, that would be great."

Piscataquis County community members have been left unsettled by her disappearance and continue to help in any way they can.

"There are a lot of communities in Maine that is a very small community and it obviously touches a lot of people and effects a lot of people in a small community. They have been fabulous out here, really trying to help over the course of the last couple of years."

The Warden Service says they don't plan on giving up searching any time soon.

"We are going to keep on trying until we find some type of clue to bring some closure to the family."