New downtown Bangor business offers holistic organic approach for health and well-being

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A new business in downtown Bangor encourages people to turn to natural remedies instead of drugs for their health needs.

They're keeping things "pure and simple" at their herbal apothecary.

Terry Hall, Co-Owner of Pure & Simple Herbal Apothecary says, "Before pharmaceuticals came out, we treated ourselves with herbs and you would go to an herbal apothecary for that. We are not doctors, we are not physicians. We deal with herbs and what they can offer you for health and well-being."

The owners of Pure and Simple Herbal Apothecary are taking an all-organic approach at helping locals.

Hall says, "We can help with all natural cleaning of your home as well as taking supplements, herbal remedies so to speak."

She says, "We have a very large selection of herbs for anybody that's looking for specific things that they can take internally or on their body that's very natural that offers them some relief that they don't feel they need to go to a pharmaceutical for."

Their goal is to help teach and empower the community about herbs and the many benefits they offer.

Hall says, "This is a good opportunity, an apothecary. They can come in and speak to us. We have the materials and the knowledge. We can either give them what they're looking for or we can teach them. We have classes every month and we can teach them to help themselves which is always empowering."

From teas, to soaps, and homemade cough syrups Pure and Simple Herbal Apothecary has something for everyone.

Hall says, "The people that are coming in are eager. They want to know what are the herbs I have here and what can I do with them and it's really wonderful to kind of fill that niche and offer people some knowledge that's kind of been lost over the years."

For more information and class schedules for visit them on Facebook.