Ames Elementary School going for the gold with Winter Carnival

Published: Feb. 1, 2019 at 4:26 PM EST
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"We usually don't really go outside a lot and it is a good chance to get outside."

Ames Elementary School is one of two schools in Waldo County selected to compete against 32 schools around the state for a five-thousand-dollar Gold Medal prize.

"These winter months we can get stuck being inside because it is so cold but I think it is so important to promote healthy learning."

They are participating in the Winter Kids Winter Games.

It is a 4-week nutrition and physical activity challenge.

Each week there is a theme that focuses on winter in Maine and being active outside.

"I'm glad we can do this because usually in the winter we don't go outside because it is too cold and I am glad we are out here because it is a lot of fun."

For the final week, they hosted a Winter Kids Winter Carnival.

There were many activities including snowshoeing with a local game warden, relay races, capture the flag and more.

"Lots of laughs, smiles. We have warm-up stations inside so even though it is pretty cold we are making it work and I think we are having a lot of fun."

Ames Elementary partnered with Belfast Area High School to help out with the program.

"This is huge, one of the things that as a physical education teacher we are always looking to try and get students and the community out and involved and during the winter time and the winter months it is kind of harsh and rough and so getting out with the Winter Kids activity is something that is a great thing for these guys."

Students from the high school ran the eight different stations and got to know the younger kids.

"They all seem to be having fun despite everyone being really cold but it is nice to see them all working together."

Ames Elementary is hoping the Winter Carnival will put them in first place.

"We are going for the gold."