UMaine women’s basketball coaches get promotions

Biskup and England earn promotions with the Black Bears
Maine women's basketball coaches get promotions
Maine women's basketball coaches get promotions
Published: Jun. 22, 2021 at 11:37 PM EDT
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ORONO, Maine (WABI) - UMaine head women’s basketball coach Amy Vachon announcing coaching promotions for Tom Biskup to recruiting coordinator and Courtney England to associate head coach. We spoke to both coaches about what the new titles mean.

“For Coach Vachon, she felt this was something that we deserved for all the work we have been putting in,” says new UMaine associate head coach Courtney England, “Stays the course everything stays the same. We keep doing our job to the best of our ability. Kind of the day-to-day for us doesn’t change. We just keep putting our head down and getting to work”

“Hands-on approach for all of us. All four coaches work really hard to make sure we’re working the right type of person that comes to Maine,” says new UMaine recruiting coordinator Tom Biskup, “So for me, it’s just making sure keeping organized and making sure we give due diligence. Getting to know the players, making sure it’s a fit for them, but also for us so that they are going to fit in with our culture. What we want to do here every single year.”

The season didn’t end the way they had hoped and the Black Bears have worked to put the tournament championship game loss behind them.

“It was difficult and it was difficult for those seniors. Difficult for all our kids that are coming back,” says England, “You take a week, you take second week off, and then you got to turn the page and get back to work.”

Maeve Carroll is one of those back to work. She’s in Orono working out for the season.

“Maeve is great. Maeve was injured really all of last season. With some nagging injuries. After the season she took some time off healthy and now she is fully healthy,” says Biskup who also works with post players, “She is working hard. Getting back into the weight room and doing workouts 5 days a week. So she is looking good. I think this summer is going to be really good for her getting back and she will be better than she has ever been the last couple years.”

A bunch of Black Bear cubs are on the way hoping to carry the torch forward.

“Six players coming in and we have a bunch of players coming back with a sour taste in their mouths,” says Biskup, “So they will want them to get on board and make sure that they are doing things the Maine way. Kind of moving forward so that we don’t have any bumps in the road.”

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