High 5: Dexter softball battery duo’s support for each other gets them to the good times

Herrick, Beem fight for each other on the field and off it
High 5: Dexter softball battery duo’s support for each other gets them to the good times
High 5: Dexter softball battery duo’s support for each other gets them to the good times
Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 7:44 PM EDT
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BREWER, Maine (WABI) - The Dexter Tigers softball battery duo brought the community joy with their play. But only because they’ve been there for each other through the hard times. We feature them as our NAPA Coastal Auto Parts High 5.

“I just spell dad with a heart and then I just cross it out,” says Dexter senior pitcher Avery Herrick, “I don’t know didn’t want anyone to see it.”

“I’ve been pitching and catching with Avery since fifth or sixth grade,” says Dexter senior catcher Cheyenne Beem, “We know each other so well and we’ve been there. Her dad passed away a few years ago and I was there. We were all there.”

The loss of Avery Herrick’s dad has been extremely hard on her.

“I try not to think about it,” Avery says, “but I’m thinking about it right now. I get emotional but like at the end of the day I do everything for him.”

At the end of this season though, it was Herrick who had to pick up her catcher.

“My dad had a stroke,” says Beem.

As Beem had done for her.

“It helps that she has someone there for her that’s not like oh it’s ok. But it’s not ok,” Avery says, “You have to just tell yourself it is ok for the moment.”

“She’s like a sister and she is always there for me,” says Cheyenne, “To calm me down if I do something wrong. I do the same for her.”

Herrick pitched, and Beem caught Dexter through their 2nd region title in a row. Never alone. The whole streak of Tiger fans showed up in support.

“They came from all over. I’m like out of the cracks and crevices. I’m like holy I didn’t even know I had you and you’re here,” Avery says, “But yeah it’s amazing to have a support system. I mean I don’t have my dad, but my stepdad is the next best thing.”

Avery will achieve one of her dad’s biggest wishes next year when both she and her sister Addy will play for Central Maine Community College.

“Dad always wanted us to play college softball together. We are finally going to be able to do that,” says Avery, “She kind of waited for me because she can’t really do anything without me. I mean it’s kind of weird I’m the younger one but she always is right behind me in everything. So, I can’t wait. We’re getting an apartment together. We are going to school down there.

With a few more years of written notes in the circle.

“It’s just such a nice school and it’s not like one of these big schools and everyone’s like are you sure you want to go to community college and I’m like yeah I’m sure,” says Avery, “Like it’s not like Florida State or something. But, I know I’m gonna be happy there.”

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