MDI facing a slow of 4th of July

Mon Jun 29 16:08:23 PDT 2020

MDI facing a slow of 4th of July

Booking a hotel room on Mount Desert Island less than a week before the 4th of July is usually nearly impossible, but that's not the case this summer We spoke to hotel owners about what they're expecting this upcoming holiday weekend.

Penobscot Tribe Elder honored in Normandy for bravery on D-Day

The Charles Shay Indian Memorial was placed at Omaha Beach in honor of the World War II veteran.

Heard on the street: Independence Day edition

We wanted to find out what people know about Independence Day, and what Americans think of when they think "America."

American Patriotism defined by those serving in the Maine National Guard Part 2

TV5 caught up with soldiers at Camp Chamberlain in Augusta to hear why it's so important to...

This Independence Day, what does 'patriotism' mean to those in the Maine National Guard? Part 1

Soldiers and airmen serving in the Maine National Guard are more than just...

Greenville sees increase in traffic as holiday weekend approaches

During the summer Greenville is normally packed with tourists and Mainers who may be spending time on Moosehead...

"Operation Dry Water" will have Marine Patrol out in force over 4th of July weekend

Alcohol use is the leading contributing factor in fatal recreational boating accidents in...


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