Coping with the holidays during the coronavirus pandemic

Thu Apr 09 16:02:26 PDT 2020

Coping with the holidays during the coronavirus pandemic

Holidays are important for many families. If you're struggling with how to spend this Sunday while at home, you're not alone.

Carpet Cleaner in Hancock can disinfect entire businesses

Disinfectant spraying is safe on all hard and soft surfaces with no post wiping required, and rooms can be re entered after...

Unity College prepares for launch of Hybrid Learning in fall of 2020

Launching in the fall, Hybrid Learning is a cross between Unity's Flagship Program and Distance Education...

Newport daycare "Goes Grey" to help local teen

Each May, Kidsville Daycare in Newport "Goes Grey" to raise awareness about brain cancer.

Walking trail in Waterville closed due to vandalism, littering and illegal fires

President Scott McAdoo says it was due to mistreatment and disrespect to the trail itself.

High schools turn to local airports to help graduates spread their wings

Graduation ceremonies are being held at several airports in the style of a drive-in theater.

Taps heard in neighborhoods across the country

Locals stepped up to join the 'Taps Across America' movement


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