Tournament Report: Guitar star

Wed Feb 19 15:56:02 PST 2020

Tournament Report: Guitar star

The tourney brings out a lot of talent off the floor as well.

Steaks N' Stuff proving customers come first with curbside pick-up

A small- family-run market, it's the customers that come first.

Maine doctor stranded in Honduras during COVID-19 outbreak

Dr. Jennifer Cavalari has been in Honduras since March 5th.

You and your kids can get your Mainely Dish with UMaine Cooperative Extension

Staff with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension say getting kids in the kitchen teaches valuable skills. Their new web series "Mainely Dish" will help you get in the kitchen together.

Maine's lobster industry: long-term hope, short-term concerns during pandemic

For now, the coronavirus pandemic isn’t affecting the lobstering industry in Maine the way that it is with other industries.

Can't sing or cook? Quarantine Socks 4 Sanity is here for you

With more and more time on our hands perhaps you are looking for something fun you can do from home. All you need is Facebook, a camera on your phone and feet.

After COVID-19 cancelled his party, Orrington boy gets birthday parade

With the need for social distancing, an 11-year-old Orrington boy wasn't able to have his birthday party Thursday. He's lucky he has a great mom and aunt.


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