B's Bunny Baskets an Easter mission accomplished

B's Bunny Baskets an Easter mission accomplished

It's Easter mission accomplished for a young man from Plymouth.

Old Town man discovers a beautiful skill during retirement

Sometimes, beautiful things can happen when we least expect it. It's happened to one Old Town man with some time on his...

Students compete to build most stable wind turbine platform

Students built and tested scale-models for a chance to win a scholarship.

Adorable education at the 14th Annual Northeast Livestock Expo

They want kids to have a good time while learning all about local farmers and farming.

Orono man marks 60 years as barber

Dick Dumond of Dick's Barber has had over 400,000 customers.

Orono baseball team shows support for Glenburn's Nickerson Cancer fight

There is something about baseball that brings communities together.


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