MDOT updates public on Route 9 Connector plans

After nearly two decades of planning the I395 and Route 9 Connector is going to be built.

Mainers prepare for upcoming winter storm

Bell's Orono IGA was swarmed as folks prepare for the upcoming snow storm.

Advice ahead of the storm

As snow fell across the region throughout Friday, it could well be just an appetizer for the main course that's coming this weekend.

County commissioners seek best plan for new county jail

Sheriff Troy Morton says the department has worked closely with the criminal justice system and support services to shrink the...

Ukuleles bring generations together at Lee school

For the past few months, fifth graders have been hearing and feeling the love that music can bring them.

Dysart's takes action to train employees in life-saving skills

40 employees will be certified in CPR and in the use of automated external difribrillators, which are portable...

Ag Trade Show holds sessions on new farming technology

Farmer Sandy Neill has been attending the Maine Agricultural Trades Show for the last eight years.


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