Thu Jul 27 16:28:15 PDT 2017

LIVE: Pine Tree Society CEO

Travis Mills Honored at Pine Tree Society Event

How the last five months have been like for one Bangor nursing home

When it comes to nursing homes, it's a daily battle to keep staff and residents safe.

A Facebook Live tour to learn more about Bangor's history

The Bangor Historical Society is offering a chance to learn about the city's rich history, from the comfort of your living...

Local wildlife biologist and artists helps patients focus more on walls than their ailments

With the help of a local wildlife biologist and artist, pediatric patients are...

UMaine research facility saving lives and creating jobs

The University of Maine's Advanced Structures and Composites Center is one of top research facilities in its field across the...

Piscataquis County Sheriff's Office will have a new home thanks to large donation

The old Key Bank in Guilford is about to become the newest facility for the Piscataquis County Sheriff's Office.

Castine Historical Society offers "Mystery Picnic" pass

You just pick the date in advance and the Historical Society will surprise you with the venue on the morning of your picnic.


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