Mainers can save green while going green with solar energy

Herman, Maine - Solar energy is growing in popularity in the United States and in Maine. More households are turning to solar for cost savings, ease of use, and environmental benefits. Companies like Pine Tree Solar make switching simple and affordable.

Solar Energy Industries Association, a national trade association, says that the solar market has grown 42% in the last 10 years. According to their recent report, “In 2020 a new solar project was installed every 75 seconds.” It’s not just consumers that are converting. Many Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Amazon, and Walmart have heavily invested in this renewable energy.

Solar energy is the most abundant energy on earth. To harness it, solar panels can be mounted on a roof or on the ground. The panels collect sunlight and convert it to electricity. The electricity is then either sold back to the power company or saved to batteries. The power company pays for the electricity the panels generate, drastically reducing, or even eliminating monthly power bills.

The cost of solar has dropped by almost 90% since 2011, making it much more affordable to the average household. There are also federal tax incentives for the switch. Pine Tree Solar estimates that most customers will see a 90% rate drop in their monthly energy bill and the average installation will pay for itself within eight to nine years.

Renewable energy, like solar, is much better for the environment than the use of traditional fossil fuels like coal or natural gas. Solar use does not cause air pollution or emit carbon. estimates the carbon footprint of solar is 20 times less than non-renewable sources.

New technologies, such as drones, make planning for and installing solar simple. Companies like Pine Tree Solar use drones to capture every angle of a home’s roof, capturing as many as 700 aerial pictures. These pictures are used to create a 3-d image of a property, to show what they will look like with solar panels. They also help ensure the best product is picked for each, individual buyer.

If you would like a free consultation about installing solar panels at a home or business, contact Pine Tree Solar. Pine Tree Solar passes out a ready to plant pine tree seedling to all of their customers. It is a staple in their company as it represents the state tree, green living, and being environmentally friendly.

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