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Recent results to our daily poll question

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - We asked and you responded.

“Do you have a heat pump in your home?”

We had 2,414 responses. 34% said yes, while 66% said no.

“Are you taking part in Giving Tuesday?”

We had 1,708 responses. 14 said yes, while 86% said no.

“Will you do more of your holiday shopping in person or online this year?”

We had 2,034 votes. 65% said online, while 35% said no.

“Will you be going Black Friday Shopping?”

We had 1,554 votes. 8% said yes, while 92% said no.

“Are you traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday?”

We had 2,157 votes. 16% said yes, in state, 5% said yes, out of state, while 79% said no.

“How cautious are you being during the Thanksgiving holiday because of COVID?”

We had 2,380 responses. 50% said same as last year, 42% said less than last year, while 8% said more than last year.

“Do you buy a fresh or frozen turkey?”

We had 2,978 votes. 11% said fresh, 68% said frozen, while 21 said neither.

“Will you donate to any charities during the Thanksgiving season?”

We had 1,844 votes. 49% said yes, while 51% said no.

“Did Kyle Rittenhouse act in self defense?”

We had 4,055 votes. 64% said yes, while 36% said no.

“Will you attend any Veteran’s Day events today?”

We had 1,610 votes. 15% said yes, while 85% said no.

“Do you support a public health insurance option?”

We had 2,207 votes. 50% said yes, while 50% said no.

“What is your primary source of home heat?”

We had 2,596 votes. 62% said oil, 19% said wood, 8% said electricity, while 11% said natural gas.

“Do you believe the federal vaccine mandate for companies with at least 100 employees is unconstitutional?”

We had 3,299 votes. 70% said yes, while 30% said no.

“Should Daylight Saving Time be abolished?”

We had 3,737 votes. 80% said yes, while 20% said no.

“Are you vaccinated for Hepatitis B?”

We had 1,481 votes. 57% said yes, while 43 said no.

“How are you going to vote on Question 1?”

We had 4,215 votes. 66% said yes, while 34% said no.

“Do you think it’s necessary for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19?”

We had 2,926 votes. 43% said yes, while 57% said no.

“Do you agree with Bangor city leaders banning the purchase of flavored tobacco products?”

We had 2,439 votes. 58% said yes, while 42% said no.

“Do you think COVID vaccines are safe for children 5-11 years old?”

We had 2,834 votes. 40% said yes, while 60% said no.

“Do you carve pumpkins?”

We had 2,539 votes. 32% said yes, while 68% said no.

“Do you feel safe mixing and matching COVID-19 booster shots?”

We had 2,718 votes. 22 said yes, while 78% said no.

“Do you deer hunt?”

We had 2,259 votes. 35% said yes, while 65% said no.

“Do you agree with the decision to block a lobster fishing closure off the coast of Maine?”

We had 1,505 votes. 56% said yes, while 44% said no.

“Would you consider solar power if it became available in your community?”

We had 3,135 votes. 61% said yes, while 39% said no.

“Do you have a retirement savings plan?”

We have 2,016 votes. 67% said yes, while 33% said no.

“How do you feel about the FDA authorizing e-cigarettes?”

We had 2,082 votes. 14% said approve, 69% said disapprove, while 17% said uncertain.

“Are you encountering more cancellations and delays during your air travels?”

We had 910 votes. 28% said yes, while 72% said no.

“Do you think the Red Sox will win the ALDS?”

We had 1,378 votes. 61% said yes, while 39% said no.

“Should Facebook and other social media be federally regulated?”

We had 2,828 votes. 64% said yes, while 36% said no.

“Should failing grades be eliminated from school curriculums?”

We had 2,693 votes. 9% said yes, while 91% said no.

“Do you have a fire escape plan for your residence?”

We had 1,719 votes. 68% said yes, while 32% said no.

“Are you changing your Halloween plans due to the pandemic?”

We had 2,392 votes.11% said yes, while 89% said no.

“Do you agree with workers being terminated for noncompliance with COVID-19 vaccine mandate?”

We had 3,222 votes. 37% said yes, while 63% said no.

“Will you vaccinate your kids once the Pfizer vaccine is approved for those 5-11 years-old?”

We had 2,614 votes. 19% said yes, 34% said no, while 46% said they don’t have children that age.

“Will you get the flu shot if you’re vaccinated against COVID-19?”

We had 2,698 votes. 64% said yes, while 36% said no.

“Should the Biden administration fully reopen the US/Canada border?”

We had 2,572 votes. 81% said yes, while 19% said no.

“Do you think Roe versus Wade should be overturned?”

Wed had 4,044 votes. 35% said yes, while 65% said no.

“Do you think Janet Mills is doing a good job as governor of Maine?”

We had 5,737 votes. 24 said yes, while 76% said no.

“Do you think Paul LePage should be the next governor of Maine?”

We had 4,727 votes. 65% said yes, while,35% said no.

“Do you agree with how President Biden is dealing with the situation at the southern border?”

We had 2, 672 votes votes. 15% said yes while 85% said no.

“Do you look for Made in the USA labels when purchasing products?”

We had 2,961 votes. 69% said yes, while 31% said no.

“Are you an organ donor?”

We had 2,164 votes. 62% said yes, while 38% said no.

“Should Maine return to a mask mandate?”

We had 4,228 votes. 34% said yes, while 66% said no.

“What coronavirus mandates do you support for companies with more than 100 workers?”

We had 4,854 votes. 21% said require them to be vaccinated, 10% said test weekly, 16% said both, while 53% said none.

“Do you believe freedom of choice should apply to COVID-19 vaccinations?”

We had 3,432 votes. 66% said yes, while 34% said no.

“Should Maine’s health care vaccine mandate require legislative approval?”

We had 2,472 votes. 59% said yes, while 41% said no.

“Should the Bangor Ramada Inn continue to operate as a homeless shelter?”

We had 2,419 votes. 68% said no, while 32% said yes.

“Do you agree with the Department of Labor to end federal unemployment benefits?”

We had 2,584 votes. 93% said yes, while 7% said no.

“Should you have to show proof of vaccination against the coronavirus to enter indoor public venues?”

We had 4,131 votes. 40% said yes, while 60% said no.

“Should COVID-19 vaccines be mandatory for eligible schoolchildren?”

We had 3,258 votes. 34% said yes, while 66% said no.

“Do you shop around for the best gas prices?”

We had 2,105 votes. 40% said yes, while 60% said no.

“Are you a dog or a cat person?”

We had 2,397 votes. 46% said dog, 16% said cat, while 38% said both.

“Does full FDA approval of the Pfizer COVID vaccine give you more confidence about its safety and effectiveness?”

We had 2,495 votes. 41% said yes, while 59 said no.

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