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Recent results to our daily poll question

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - We asked and you responded.

“Should students attend school full time this fall?”

We had 2,236 votes. 96% said yes, while 4% said no.

“Should there be a Maine COVID-19 Review Commission?”

We had 1,664 votes. 34% said yes, while 66% said no.

“What’s your favorite way to beat the heat?”

We had 1,928 votes. 24% said swimming, 68% said air conditioner, while 8% said eat ice cream.

“Should Maine opt out of the weekly $300 federal unemployment benefit program?”

We had 4,039 votes. 83% said yes, while 17% said no.

“How do you like your eggs?”

We had 1,721 votes. 48% said scrambled, 45% said fried, while 7% said hard boiled.

“When do you think the pandemic will officially be declared over?”

We had 2,587 votes. 33% said later this summer, 16% said later this year, while 51% said sometime next year.

“Are you remembering a loved one on this Memorial Day?”

We had 1,184 votes. 83% said yes, while 17% said no.

“Are you traveling for Memorial Day Weekend?”

We had 2,295 votes. 15% said yes, in state, 9% said yes, out of state, while 76% say no.

“Are you still wearing a mask inside stores?”

We had 3,056 votes. 47% said never, 26% said all the time, while 27% said in some instances.

“Do you agree with Maine returning to pre-pandemic unemployment requirements?”

We had 2,757 votes. 94% said yes, while 6% said no.

“Will you continue wearing a mask in places where they are not required?”

We had 4,156 votes. 36% said yes, while 64% said said no.

“Should businesses be allowed to ask if you are vaccinated against COVID-19?”

We had 3,836 votes. 28% said yes, while 72% said no.

“Do you prefer working from home or in the office?”

We had 1,619 votes. 52% said home, while 48% say office.

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