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Recent results to our daily poll question

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - We asked and you responded.

“Are you going to a concert this summer?”

We had 1,843 votes. 17% said yes, while 83% said no.

“Should growing and consuming food be deemed a constitutional right?”

We had 1,945 votes. 70% said yes, while 30% said no.

“Are you more likely to get a COVID-19 vaccine if they get full FDA approval?”

We had 3,412 votes. 10% said yes, 52% said no, while 38% said I’m already vaccinated.

“Would you fly to space on a private rocket?”

We had 2,974 votes. 20% said yes, while 80% said no.

“Should Maine’s Office of Child and Family Services become separate from DHHS?”

We had 1,568 votes. 65% said yes, while 35% said no.

“Should Maine schools be allowed to ask students to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination?”

We had 3,631 votes. 30% said yes, while 70% said no.

“Should Maine offer more incentives to get the coronavirus vaccine?”

We had 2,794 votes. 14% said yes, 86% said no.

“Do you agree with the decision to cancel the Nao Santa Maria’s appearance in Bangor?”

We had 3,870 votes. 11% said yes, while 89% said no.

“If approved, would you get a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot?”

We had 3,899 votes. 50% said yes, while 50% said no.

“Do you play video games?”

We had 1,890 votes. 23% said yes, while 77% said no.

“Which chocolate dessert would you choose?”

We had 1,742 votes. 19% said chocolate candy, 36% said chocolate ice cream, while 45% said chocolate cake.

“Are you taking more COVID-19 precautions due to the Delta variant?”

We had 2,479 votes. 17% said yes, while 83% said no.

“Should Paul LePage run for governor again?”

We had 3,208 votes. 61% said yes, while 39% said no.

“Do you believe in UFOs?”

We had 2,709 votes. 63% said yes, while 37% said no.

“Should Maine create a consumer owned utility company?”

We had 2,090 votes. 45% said yes, create Pine Tree Power, while 55% said no, stay with CMP and Versant Power.

“Should Maine’s plastic bag ban go into effect July 1st?”

We had 2,700 votes. 39% said yes, while 61% said no, postpone again.

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