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A state lawmaker's bill would allow Presidential Primaries in Maine.

It would also expand ranked-choice voting to presidential races.

Currently, Maine has a presidential caucus system where voters gather at meetings and vote on candidates.

This bill would have Maine hold presidential primary elections in March if a political party decides to do so.

The belief is more people would turn out for a primary system rather than the current caucuses.

In November, Maine became the first state to use ranked-choice voting in congressional races.
Bangor city officials are seeking bids for the development of solar arrays to help save the city money on electricity costs.

City officials had revision energy, a Maine-based solar energy developer, conduct a study on the viability and cost savings of such a project.

They presented the findings at a city council meeting on Monday night.

The company found the city could save roughly four million dollars over the next 40 years.

If built, the solar panels would sit on city-owned land and the power they generate would help offset the city's municipal electric bills.

The company suggested a 13-acre parcel of land located on Maine Avenue close to the airport.
Yesterday seven bills dealing with minimum wage were the subject of public hearings in Augusta.

Six of them are aimed at helping small businesses by either lowering the minimum wage for different circumstances or slowing the implementation process of Maine's new minimum wage.

The 7th bill would raise minimum wage for businesses with 50 or more employees to 15-dollars an hour by 20-23.

Small business owners and workers' advocates testified yesterday.
Many small business owners say would struggle to stay afloat under an increased minimum wage structure.
Governor Mills introduced a bill yesterday to let nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and certified nurse-midwives perform abortions.

According to the governor there are only three publicly accessible health centers in Maine where a woman can receive an in-clinic abortion, and this bill would expand access for women in rural areas.

A republican state representative called the legislation "extremist."

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