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About Us

For 30 years, New England Home Health Care has provided exemplary home care and nursing services to Maine people in need of a helping hand. From daily “check ups” to around the clock nursing to staff relief, NEHHC is truly here to serve.

Exemplary service begins with the utmost professionalism. As a state-licensed corporation, NEHHC adheres to the highest hiring standards and best professional practices. This professionalism is matched with the other essential ingredient in health care excellence: caring. Ask to see some of our unsolicited thank you letters. You’ll see a 30-year history of caring professionals touching lives. You’ll also get the sense that NEHHC employees get as much out of serving our client as they receive.

New England Home Health Care is proud to be fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

New England Home Health Care FAQ

What happens if my worker is unable to work due to illness or another reason?
NEHHC has a scheduler available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cover scheduling needs and to replace workers if needed.

What happens if I have a medical question or concern?
NEHHC has an RN available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for both clients and staff.

Is New England Home Health Care licensed by the State of Maine?
Yes, New England Home Health Care (NEHHC) is licensed by the State of Maine. Some agencies are registered by the state but not licensed, which means that they are not required to meet regulatory standards. However, you want an agency that is licensed by the State. This requires the agency to meet strict regulations. The Division of Licensing and Certification monitors licensed agencies on a regular basis to ensure compliance with these regulations.

How does my caregiver know what to do for me?
At NEHHC, an RN works with you, your physician, and your family (if desired) to develop a Plan of Care that meets your needs.

How are your employees supervised?
NEHHC’s Registered Nurses (RN) supervise our employees. An RN will visit your home to supervise the worker once per month, and an RN will call your home to ask questions about the quality of your care once per month.

How are your employees screened before hire?
NEHHC interviews prospective employees in person. Background checks are conducted, which include both driving and criminal records. Positive references from a minimum of 2 places of employment are required. Our CNAs must be in good standing with the Maine State CNA Registry.

Are your employees trained and certified?
NEHHC only hires employees who have a valid certificate of training. Some agencies hire employees with little to no experience, in which case training occurs on the job. When this happens, you may be the client the company is using to train their employee. Because unlicensed agencies are not regulated, they do not have hiring requirements.

Are your employees bonded?
Yes, NEHHC employees are bonded. Bonding insurance covers employees with professional liability, accident or injury in the home, and loss or injury to client property.

Our service areas include:

Concierge services
If our clients are unable to find transportation or other inconveniences encountered to live an independent life, NEHHC is happy to provide concierge service for clients of all ages with non-medical needs. This is a service that provides convenience to go grocery shopping, visit a friend, or whatever your needs are to keep families together and help adjust to a new lifestyle. We provide a dependable option for those who may not have the resources or the means to get where they need to go to.

A service that is ideal for elderly adults, post-surgery patients, or first-time parents, NEHHC’s Concierge Services can truly make all the difference, practically and emotionally.  NEHHC’s licensed staff will provide support when extra help is needed to ensure that needs of daily life are addressed. Our clients are confident in knowing we will:

  •     Keep the home clean, warm, and welcoming
  •     Make sure appointments are kept
  •     Run errands, including grocery shopping
  •     Assist with meal preparation
  •     Provide safe transportation to/from appointments and errands
  •     Complete many other daily needs

Post-injury care
When you receive post-injury care from our knowledgeable and dependable staff you can expect compassionate care and encouraging companionship. Our staff understands the needs and concerns of those anticipating post-injury care, whether it be the patient or their family. Not only do our post-injury care offerings include helpful services of transportation and housekeeping, but also includes personal services that require compassion and trustworthiness such as bathing, dressing, and companionship.

Our caring staff wants to help you or your family member recover quickly following an injury and our quality of care will help the process of recovery with ease, comfort, and convenience.  As a state licensed provider, New England Home Health Care adheres to the highest professional, ethical, and safety standards. All our caregivers are carefully screened, fully insured and bonded, and ready to help you or your loved one stay safe and comfortable in the best place on earth: home.

Our post-injury care includes:

  •     Bathing
  •     Meal prep
  •     Transportation
  •     Companionship
  •     Housekeeping
  •     Dressing

Post-surgery care
Anticipating a surgery can be stressful, and worrying about you or your family member’s post surgical care can continue your stress during the recovery process. Ease your burden and focus on healing by allowing us to care for you. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help provide the companionship and care needed to fast track the healing process. Allow us to prepare meals, help with bathing and dressing, tend to bandaging and post-surgery dressings, as well as assist with transportation and housekeeping.

Our staff can help in a variety of ways that always incorporate a foundation of excellence-in-care and compassion. When you have post-surgical needs let us help you regain your quality of life by helping with the following tasks:

  •     Bathing
  •     Meal prep
  •     Transportation
  •     Companionship
  •     Housekeeping
  •     Dressing changes

Staffing support services
NEHHC staff is proud to provide the highest quality of care to the Bangor area in client homes; however, our compassion and dependability are also available for relief staffing for area companies and facilities. Our staff carries a wide diversity of medical care experience for a variety of clientele. We are capable of providing staff for hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, boarding homes, and assisted living centers. Our RNs, LPNs, CNAs, PCA/PSSs, and CRMAs have proven excellence in their performance, dependability in their character and consistency, and provide high quality of care to our clients, no matter our clients’ needs. Contact us today to find the relief staff your medical facility needs. 

Our care focus is for the following client types:

Elder care
Families are often faced with making hard choices for their older family members that may require taking forms of independence away from your loved one.  With New England Home Health Care elder care services, you or your loved one can stay in the comfort of home, safely and comfortably.  Our home caregivers help older Mainers with the activities of daily living, from basic hygiene to meal preparation to assisting with their medication. NEHHC home health care assistants also provide another crucial aspect for you or your loved one's health: companionship.

Our care and companionship are the core of our elderly care focus.  We understand what is needed to maintain the health and happiness of your loved one.  NEHHC’s clients’ needs range from a daily “check in” to 24 hour assistance for clients who are bedridden or have severe Alzheimer’s or dementia. We can provide transitional assistance after an illness or injury as well as long-term help.

Our elderly services are often used:

  •     For elderly clients and their families that desire for their loved one to remain in their home.
  •     For assistance with personal hygiene, meal preparation, housekeeping services, and sometimes medication refills.
  •     For helping elderly clients remain as independent as possible while at home.

Pediatric care
Caring for a child with a major illness can be holistically demanding and a full time job, but it’s something you and your family need not do alone. Allow New England Home Health Care into your home where we’re ready to assist you with your particular needs.  Our staff helps care for children with a variety of needs and diagnoses and have the experience and compassion needed for your child.

Our assistance in caring for your child is important not only to the child but the family.  We can help and, as a private pay provider, we’re able to help in whatever way is needed-from bathing to meal preparation to transportation.  Our variety of services are available to all clients, no matter how big or small.  And our compassion and expertise help make our care extraordinary.  

Our care includes:

  •     Tube feedings
  •     Ventilator care
  •     Catheter maintenance and care
  •     Ostomy care
  •     Assistance in bathing and dressing
  •     Meal preparation
  •     Medication administration and monitoring
  •     Laundry and housekeeping
  •     Transportation to medical appointments
  •     Companionship and emotional support
  •     Informal education and support of family members
  •     Arranging specialized training as needed for our caregivers in order to care for your child

Recovering patients
Recovering from a major illness or surgery is difficult no matter what age you may be.  It can be difficult to do normal activities or complete ordinary tasks that took no effort before.  New England Home Health Care offers services for recovering patients that can help alleviate the pain, discomfort, and stress from a post injury or surgical situation allowing you to focus on your recovery.

For families deciding on how to care for a loved one following an illness or surgery, let us give you peace of mind  and the same quality of care that you expect from your own family.  Our expertise allows us to care for your family member professionally while still being able to give the companionship and compassion needed for speedy recoveries.