UMaine football gears up for national semifinal game in Washington

SPOKANE, Washington (WABI) - We are now just hours away from kick off for University of Maine football's national semifinal game at Eastern Washington.

The University of Maine football team playing the biggest game of its history. This afternoon in the national semi-finals against Eastern Washington. The Black Bears say they're feeling like Mainers this time around, you know doing a lot more with a lot less.

"I just think were the underdog. You know it's the story of guys with chips on their shoulder. They're tough. Everything's about the team and I think that just embodies everything that Maine is all about. Tough hard-working people don't give a hoo don't give a don't give anything about what anyone else thinks see him getting fired up already. It's all about the team. That's this teams best quality. They care about each other they got each other's back in any situation and they don't want to let each other down that's our strength," said UMaine head coach, Joe Harasymiak.

The Black Bears and Eagles kick off at 2:00 p.m. If you want to watch it it's being televised nationally on ESPN2.