Patriots' Derek Rivers, Lombardi Trophy make stop in Augusta

AUGUSTA, MAINE (WABI) - The Patriots bringing their Super Bowl Championship Lombardi trophy to the State House today and it was a special experience because Augusta born Derek Rivers, their defensive end, was also on hand as part of the experience.

“It was a fun time to come back home and see my family. It's a blessing, me and my mom and my sisters and also my wife we drove up here today and it's good to be back,” says Patriots defensive end Derek Rivers, “We used to come up here for 18 years, “It's home for me. It's home for me.”

“We love the Patriots, we love Derek and his Maine connection,” says Maine Governor Janet Mills, “we couldn't be happier.”

They exchanged gifts. Rivers came bearing a jersey for the governor.

“Mills number 1, I love it,” says Mills.

“I'm wearing it to breakfast tomorrow. Maybe I'm wearing it to Easter dinner,” says Mills, “You know I don't think I’m going to take it off for a long time.”

For the fans, even some new ones it was great to part of the Patriots’ Super Bowl celebration.

“Cool, there's not really been much Patriots people here,” says Patriots fan Cole Hamner, “Mostly like Boston and stuff like that. It'll be cool to meet him.”

And with the trophy in state, many were focused on the dent that Gronk put in it.

“It was definitely a Gronk moment,” Rivers says, “If there was anyone to do it, it would definitely be Rob. Love that dude to death. That's just Rob.”