Maine Maritime women's basketball adds Blue Hill's Carter through Team Impact

CASTINE, MAINE (WABI) - Maine Maritime Academy women's basketball adding a teammate Thursday night in Castine. Blue Hill 14 year old Kelsey Carter....

Jackie Carter:“She probably won’t get to bed until 10 O’clock tonight because she’ll be too giggly and silly.”

Fourteen year old Kelsey Carter of Blue Hill has signed a national letter of intent with Maine Maritime’s women’s basketball program.

Coach Dagan: “She’s just a great kid, and she’s got a great perspective on life. The irony is that she's going through the tough part and she’s the one that’s more relaxed than everybody else, so it’s pretty cool to see.”

The tough part she’s going through is a rare genetic disorder. Kelsey has a duplicate chromosome that impacts behavioral development, Because of Kelsey's condition doctors won’t let her play basketball, her first love as a kid. But with the help of Team Impact, a Boston-based non-profit that connects kids like Kelsey with college teams, she’s gone ahead and signed with Maine Maritime anyway. It’s already a win-win.

Bryan Sidelinger: “After Kelsey signed her letter of intent, it was time to head to the locker room, where she found her own locker, with her own jersey, and some other pretty cool gear.”

J.C.“In the last two months since we’ve met Coach Dagan and his staff and the team, it has been a remarkable change in Kelsey’s mood and behavior. It’s really made a big impact on her sociability and her self esteem.”

C.D.“We’ve welcomed a really cool family to our basketball family as well, so, this whole experience has been really, really neat.”

Kelsey is one of only three people in the entire state with the genetic disorder, but now she faces another rare condition: being one of only a handful of young women who play for Coach Dagan. And he couldn’t be more thrilled.

C.D. “Everybody looks good in royal blue and gold, but she looks especially good. “