Jeff's Take: UMaine Sports

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ORONO, Maine (WABI) - Jeff Solari is keeping an eye on UMaine sports. Some of the teams are doing pretty well, others not so much.

With the Red Sox winning the World Series and the election insanity, you might not be fully up to date on the sports scene at the University of Maine.

There's an amazingly good story you should know about. And, a team that should be causing you great concern.

Since I am always glass half full-lets start with the good.

This is one of the best and memorable seasons in years and years.

We are talking movie script worthy story lines.

First, they beat the snot out of rival new Hampshire on opening night then they come from 21 down to knock of an FBS opponent.

Mid season they won in back to back weeks on walk off winning kicks. And, went on the road and knocked off highly ranked Towson.

They should make the playoffs. They could host a home game.

This team is one of the best sports stories of the year in this neck of the woods. The only concern will be young head coach Joe Harasymiak gets some job offers after the season.

Now to the not so good story line. The UMaine Men's hockey team has played 8 games. That's just about a quarter of the season, and the results have been pretty dismal

The Black Bears are just 3-4-1, on pace for only 12 wins.

Two of the three wins they have came against St. Lawrence. at home.

St. Lawrence has just 1 win and is one of the worst teams in the country

Maine has one conference win against UConn and UMass Lowell combined- not the powerhouses of hockey east.

The Black Bears have a ton of penalty minutes. They are often sluggish to start games- unacceptable.

Its now been 20 years since the last NCAA title. Heck, the Black Bears have only been to the tournament once since 2007. Remember when they went every year?

The fan base remains loyal. But, too apathetic. They should be mad. Fans deserve better. Lets hope they get it as the season rolls along.