Hale's Perspective: November 30, 2018

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) It's been awhile since we've done our weekly commentary.
A lot of things have happened including the Red Sox winning the World Series.
But here we are again as football hits bowl season time.
While i'm about it i would like to wish the Maine Black Bears good luck Saturday in their second round playoff game against Jacksonville state.
It' s been a magical run for UMaine.
Looking through the headlines of the week one item jumped out at me.
and all i can say is " here we go again."
The Washington Redskins of the NFL made a move claiming former '49ers linebacker Reuben Foster off waivers.
Normally the move would seem smart picking up a former first round pick who is extremely talented.
But let's park here for a moment.
If Foster is so talented why was he available in the first place?
Could it possibly be that foster has been arrested three times, including domestic violence just last weekend?
And that was his second domestic violence arrest this year.
The 49ers wanted no more of this act and cut him loose.
Cut your losses and move on.
But for the Washington Redskins Foster presented a football opportunity.
The NFL office, well aware of his problems, moved him to the exempt list.
That simply means he can't practice or play.
At least for now.
It does not mean that he will never play.
Not at all!
One more time we see that perception and reality clash.
On the surface the league says we are against domestic violence and won't tolerate it but stop short of the goal line.
The NFL has had a string of high profile cases and still refuses to draw a line in the sand particularly with repeat offenders.
The Redskins rolled the dice knowing full well that the intital blowback would be negative but counting that memory fades.
Even those who know Foster acknowledge that his track record is not likely to change.
There are other incidents in his past including fights and failed drug tests.
So Foster is relegated to shadows of the NFL for now.
out of sight and out of mind.
But not out of the NFL.
Not by a long shot.
The National Football League wanted no part of Colin Kaepernick because he was toxic to the public.
So he is out of work and likely will remain that way.
But the league and the redskins had no problem snapping up an accused domestic abuser and putting him in hiding for awhile.
If the NFL understands the severity of domestic violence in this country then ban those players who commit it.
But don't hold your breath waiting for it!

This is George Hale with my perspective on sports