Fun Hockey Trivia for Umaine Freshmen

There are ten freshman on the Umaine hockey team, four of them were put to the test with a little Umaine hockey trivia.

Adrian Holesinsky and Eduards Tralmaks against Jeremy Swayman and Kevin Hock. First trivia question for Holesinsky and Tralmaks. Jeremy Swayman was drafted by the Boston Bruins in what round fourth round that's correct one point here.

Why can't number nine be worn by any UMaine player. Paul Kariya.

Who is the goalie when Maine hockey won the national championship in 1999? Garth Snow. No that's incorrect. For the steal. Alfie Michaud. Yes and you should know he's a goalie at a coach on your team.

You're up one, name a former Maine head coach. Tom Walsh no that's very close name a former main head coach. He said Tom Walsh but it's Shawn Walsh.

Jack Semler or Tim Whitehead would've worked. Your head coach now is called Red what is his real first name? For the steel? It's Dennis. That's right.

Who is the only freshman that played in every game? Chase Pearson. It's chase Pearson 5 to 1 the championship goes to Swayman and Hock congratulations guys.