Autocross speeds through Bangor over the weekend.

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The Cumberland County Motor Club took over the Bass Park parking lot this weekend, and invited anyone with a driver’s license to join them.

"Our club is very welcoming,” Said Gary Bellfluer, the Event Chair. “We have a bunch of people that can help new drivers. Give them pointers. Kind of direct them throughout the course and help them pick up speed throughout the day."

The club hosted its second annual Autocross on both Saturday and Sunday, using road cones to set up a makeshift road course, and challenged anyone to bring whatever car they had, to run the course for time. Like Dave McFarland, and his 92’ Subaru Impreza.

"I mean, I drive this car year round anyway, so it's not like I get to open it up too often,” Dave told us. “So being on a track, it's definitely the safest and best place to open it up and see what it can do. It's just an awesome way to spend your weekend and probably the most fun you can have.

Rather just ride instead? That’s fine. Anyone was welcome to jump in the passenger's seat as well.

Ted Ramos, the safety Chair for the Cumberland Motor Club, always has a rider for these events.

"Every time,” he said. “I love having people ride with me. I've had some screamers. People that may have had some words that they wouldn't out in public. Just because of the sheer reaction, I don't think people expect it. Then when they do, it's a blast, and they wanna keep coming back."

That includes the oldest driver of the weekend, Mz. Robin Guyser, tearing around in a go-cart in her 70’s.

When asked how long she intends to keep racing?
"I guess when I wake up one morning dead, I guess,” she said. “I'll keep doing it as long as I can. It's just too much fun."