2017 Maine Basketball Hall of Fame Ceremony Held at Cross Center

Published: Aug. 20, 2017 at 7:18 PM EDT
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This year's Hall of Fame class will grow by 14 members also being inducted this year six legends and five coaches along with two teams. The 1979 S. Portland class A boys basketball team with a 22 - 0 record and the 1980 Westbrook Blue Blazes class A girls team that won four consecutive state championships. Cam Brown summed up what this weekend means.

"Tony described this group as being an eclectic group a writer that indicates there is some variety and there is you have a print journalist a radio journalist Wally Russell he juggles chainsaws and so for myself I feel like I'm kind of a homegrown," said Brown.

"It's a great reflection of what the state and the people that put this very professional about on think of us," said Brett Brown, 2017 inductee. "But I think the event is a real statement of what our state says about the sport of basketball and a consistent building that we now house lots of this memorabilia."

Basketball is said to be Maine's most popular sport. Today more basketball legends heading to its Hall of Fame.