Moose calf dies in snowmobile collision

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GREENVILE, Maine (WABI) - Maine Game Wardens said a moose calf died after colliding with a snowmobile, Friday.

Three people were riding west of Greenville on the Interconnecting Trail System 110, when it happened.

Around 6 p.m., one rider saw the moose and avoided it.

Wardens said, 33-year-old, Juan Fernandez, of New York, collided with the calf, which killed the animal.

They said while trying to avoid the calf and Fernandez, 44-year-old, Bruce Saucier, of Bangor, crashed into the rear of Fernandez's sled.

Authorities said Saucier suffered a broken leg. We're told he managed to drive his sled with his injuries back to camp in Elliotsville, which was several miles away.

All three men were wearing helmets.