Maine Maritime Academy students set sail across the globe for training

CASTINE, Maine (WABI) - They've been preparing the vessel, since last Sunday.

Maine Maritime Academy Cadet, Wyatt Roberts said, "A lot of fixing systems, changing oil in systems, preparing systems, we rebuilt two cylinders in the main engine."

Semesters of work about to come to fruition.

Capt. Nathan Gandy, Dean of Maritime Training said, "Several of our programs are designed around merchant marine licensing, coast guard license, operating merchant ships across the globe."

And the day finally arrives.

Gandy said, "In order to train the students effectively, we got to take them to sea."

Maine Maritime Academy students are shipping off to Europe for a training voyage.

Cadets and deck students will be aboard 70 days. Cadet engineers will spend 35 days on the ship.

"Living on a 500 foot vessel for over two months, where you have to learn how to get along with people, how to function as a professional."

Maine Maritime Academy Cadet, Anthony Franchetti has sailed on the "State of Maine" a few years now.

"Being a freshman, progressing through that program, really getting an introduction to just ship board life your sophomore year, you'll go out to sea, work on a merchant vessel" said, Franchetti.

Now, in his junior year, he has the opportunity to take charge of a watch and be responsible for training the younger students.

Franchetti said, "A lot of what going to sea is finding out what you don't know, coming to terms with that, and learning how to over come those challenges."

For Olivia Smith, this is her first time setting sail. But, the support of her family keeps her afloat.

Maine Maritime Academy, 4th class, Olivia Smith said, "My parents helped me get ready. They've gave me a lot of confidence coming into this, always behind me if anything happens."

"We've always been a close family doing everything together, so we are just going to miss her not being there and not having someone to cook and clean for." said Mrs. Smith

The ship is due back July 14th. You can follow along their journey at