Youth Survey Looks at Student Health in Aroostook County

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AROOSTOOK COUNTY, Maine (WAGM) - A youth health survey is shining a light on drug usage in the county.

Every two years, students at middle and high schools take a questionnaire.

The idea is to gain a better understanding of the status of the student's health.

Lola Poirier, ACAP Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist:
"They ask about any substance use, whether it be alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, prescription drugs, those kinds of things. They also ask about mental health questions."

Chris Haskell, Drug free Aroostook project coordinator:
"With the Maine integrated youth health results part of what we do is it helps us focus what we're going to be targeting for substances and education whether it's opioids, whether it's marijuana, alcohol, it helps to give us some direction as to where we're going to focus our energies in prevention work."

The survey gives the Department of Health and Human Services not only a better sense of what young people are doing but how it's affecting their health.