Young man gives back after almost losing his life in an accident

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The American Red Cross is in dire need of blood.

We've been telling you all week about their "missing types" campaign, in which they are attempting to collect the most needed types of A, B and O.

Lifeflight of Maine held a blood drive in Bangor Thursday.

One donors is all too familiar with the impact donating blood can have on saving someone's life. Just like it did for his own.

Brenda Spurling, Thomas' Mom says, "It saved my sons life."

On November 1st of last year, 18-year-old Thomas Spurling and two of his friends were headed back to campus at Maine Maritime Academy from grocery shopping.

Thomas says, "On the way back, I was told it was around 8:00 at night. We hit a deer on 166-A."

He was in critical condition and Lifeflight of Maine was called in.

Missy McCann, nurse for Lifeflight and working the night of the accident says, "We got him into the helicopter, did multiple things to include giving him blood products. When he got to Eastern Maine Medical Center he received 10 or 11 more units. They call it MTP Protocol which is Massive Transfusion Protocol."

Thomas had sustained a life-threatening aortic injury.

McCann says, "The fact that Thomas survived it and there were multiple pieces that came together to allow that to happen and one of those pieces is getting blood products."

Now, Thomas along with his friends and family is donating in an effort to save others.

Spurling says, "There's 13 of us that came to help support Lifeflight and the American Red Cross."

McCann says, "The fact that he got blood that helped save his life and now he is here giving back to help save other people's's very important."

Lifeflight of Maine provides critical life-saving care for patients.

Employees say it's not always an easy job but it is very rewarding.

McCann says, "We love our job or we wouldn't be doing this but when I get to meet the family and I get to meet them again and they are well and they're living a very productive life, it's rewarding for us and it's very rejuvenating."

If you would like to make a blood donation you can schedule an appointment with your local Red Cross by visiting