Young Hermon boy surprised by first responders who helped him

Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 6:03 PM EDT
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11-year-old Gavin Mahar and his older brother Lucas of Hermon had gone out to Watchmaker Hill for a little mountain biking.

But their adventure came to a screeching halt after Gavin had an accident.

"I was going a little bit too fast, hit a rock, and went over the handlebars. I landed on top of the bike, and then the hand brake lever went in my leg," says Gavin.

Lucas jumped into action calling 9-1-1.

It wasn't long before Bangor Officer Eric Lund arrived to help.

"He's probably the bravest kid I've ever met. For being 11-years-old, he held it well. He didn't cry," says Lund.

Gavin says, "They were joking around. They were trying to make me not nervous and make me feel better."

Gavin wanted to say thank you.

He and his mom made baskets to deliver to the first responders who helped him that day.

But when he arrived, they had switched gears on him.

Lund says, "When you're impaled on something, we have to cut that impalement off because we won't remove it in the field. So, as a result of that, his bike was pretty heavily damaged and not ride-able anymore. And when you're 11-years-old, what makes you happier than a new bike?"

Officer Lund as well as EMTs from Bangor Fire put some money together.

With the assistance of Ski Rack Sports in Bangor, they were able to purchase Gavin a brand new set of wheels.

Gavin's mother Michele Mahar says, "They took care of my son. They took care of both of my sons. They both went through something traumatic that day. They did an awesome job taking care of them. This was a step above and beyond."

Gavin says, "I couldn't thank them enough."