Young Chefs Take Part in Grilled Cheese Competition

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) 10-year-old Jade Eastman, 12-year-old Ethan Holbart and 12-year-old Chase Daigle went head to head in a cooking competition at this year's Agricultural Trades Show in Augusta to see who can make the best grilled cheese.

Organizers decided to hold a cooking contest involving young people.

A great idea, until all the participants came down with the flu.

"Through the 'Get Real, Get Maine' program, our AG promotional coordinator asked me if I knew any kids, and my son is about the right age, and I knew he had friends at school and so I called Chase's mom and she said bring him on down, that's so exciting, I'm super excited and Kathy volunteered her daughter to come, and so it just kind of came all together," says Melissa Macaluso of the Maine Department of Agriculture and Ethan's mom.

Since these kids really stepped up to the plate, we decided to invite them to the TV5 kitchen to see them in action.

Jade was named the winner at the show, which she said was awesome for two reasons.

"First of all, I got to beat some older boys, and the prizes were cool," she says.

"They all did wonderful, again, because they didn't have a lot of experience with the stoves, I think they all took it in stride and it was a lot of fun for them," says Kathy Lovell of the Maine Department of Agriculture and Jade's mom.

Several of us here got a chance to sample their work and agree...they are all winners.