Wyman's employees clean up Harrington cemetery in time for Veterans Day

HARRINGTON, Maine (WABI) - Sometimes projects come together and just make perfect sense in the end.

That's the feeling Wyman's employees have about their latest community project at a bit of a forgotten cemetery in Harrington.

All of this raking, scrubbing, cleaning, and work being done is all from the heart of everybody getting their hands a bit dirty in this cemetery. But that's the point of Wildly Better Days.

"It's a big project, and when I put this out, I had about a 100 hands that went up and said, count me in," said Wyman's Human Resource Director, April Norton.

After their wild blueberry days, Wyman's is giving their employees a chance to give back with a hands-on community project like cleaning up this neglected cemetery.

"Many of our employees are veterans themselves or have family members who are veterans," said Norton.

She says they asked their employees what they'd like to do for veterans in their community.

"A lot of the feedback came in the form of cemetery care."

April says she was shocked when she spoke to town officials and discovered what a need there is in these sacred spaces.

"They informed me that there are 27 cemeteries in the town of Harrington and essentially, really no funding to support them."

April says they decided to come here to Rock Maple Cemetery when they found that one of their own was already taking care of part of it.

"David Mathews came to me and said, 'you know, my wife's two sisters are buried in this cemetery, and my wife and myself take care of half that cemetery. We try to help maintain part of it, but there's a whole other half that has many veterans in it and no one has touched it for many years."

"I mentioned this one, and she come over and looked at it, and she said that's the perfect one for us to start on, and of course, my wife's family is buried here, and I have family, too. It was really nice of Wyman's employees and April and all of us to come here and do this," said Mathews.

They hope folks will stop by and pay their respects on Monday, Veterans day, and suggest others contact their town officials about uncared for cemeteries.