With summer entering its hottest days, sunscreen and water are even more important

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DEDHAM, Maine (WABI) - Dozens of families were at Jenkin's beach today to beat the heat.

Going for a swim at Green Lake isn't enough though to stay safe and comfortable this summer.

Sunscreen is a necessity when spending time outside.

"We have real issues with skin cancer, sunburn, all of that. And we have a free sunscreen machine here at the beach," said the beaches owner Joe Jenkins.

"The important thing is to pick a product and use it. And so to not have it is a mistake and also to bring it with you but to forget to reapply it frequently is the second biggest mistake. All of the sun block products that are out there tend to be pretty good. What you want to look for is an SPF in the 50 range," said Matthew DeRosby, a Physician's Assistant for Northern Light Health.

Drinking water and staying hydrated is important too in the summer sun.

Jenkin's Beach has already had one issue with heat exhaustion this year.

"But it's very important to stay hydrated. I've already had one person that passed out this summer from not being hydrated," said Jenkins.

"The rule is if you're starting to feel thirsty you're already behind. And so you want to not get to the point where you're feeling thirsty and needing that fluid. So really keeping that water going all day long is a good idea," said DeRosby.

The two types of heat illness are heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Signs of Heat exhaustion can include heavy breathing, headaches, and stomach sickness.

Heat stroke is what comes after heat exhaustion and can lead to needing emergency medical care.

So remember to stay protected from both the sun and dehydration this summer.