Witches and wizards gather for Brewer Rec's Fantastic Wizard Wing-Ding

BREWER, Maine (WABI) - Witches and wizards gathered at Brewer Parks and Recreation Center for a magical day of fun.

They hosted a Fantastic Wizard Wing-Ding.

The young spell-casters made wands, ate mandrakes, created a slime potion and competed in a game of qudditch.

Folks with the Parks and Rec Department say having a Harry Potter themed day just made sense.

Bekka York, Brewer Parks and Recreation Department says, "We have a huge following here. A lot of the kids talk about it all the time and they kind of brought it up that they'd like to play some things over the summer and so we gave in and see what we could do with it. They seem to be having a good time today."