Wiscasset Officer Stuck with Heroin-Laced Needle During Traffic Stop

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Wiscasset, Maine (WMTW) A Wiscasset Police Officer was stuck with a heroin-laced needle during a traffic stop.

The officer reportedly pulled Jane Sherman over for speeding.

He says he then noticed drug paraphernalia.

The officer searched Sherman's purse after she allegedly told him she didn't have any syringes on her.

That's when the officer says he was pricked by a used needle.

"She recklessly, constantly told the officer she didn't have anything on her person now if this individual was honest from the get-go we wouldn't have been in this situation in the first place." Says Chief Jeffrey Lange of the Wiscasset Police Department.

The officer tested negative for HIV, and is now awaiting Hepatitis test results.

The police department plans to make some changes, including investing in better gloves, and further training officers.