Winterport Fire Destroys Barn

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WINTERPORT, Maine (WABI) - Fire destroyed a barn in Winterport Thursday morning.

The call came in shortly before noon on Lebanon Road.

Winterport Fire Department responded, aided by Frankfort and Frankfort Village.

It was a close call for homeowners Tim and Linda Canham.

Tim says he went inside to grab a cup of coffee after clearing snow. When he came out, the barn was filled with smoke.

"I was out plowing and had started a fire in the barn to keep warm. I called 911 right away and by the time they got here, it was fully involved," said Tim Canham.

"I wasn't home because I was at yoga. When I pulled into the driveway, it was really engulfed and had a lot of flames," said Linda Canham. "It was pretty bad. I'm thankful it wasn't attached to our house."

"Typical garage fire, reasonably easy to extinguish. All the contents inside the garage were destroyed. Keep an eye on anything that's combustible and where you have your heat sources," said Assistant Chief of Winterport Fire Department, Philip Foley. "If you keep your flammables and heat sources separated, you should be good."

A cause has not been determined.

The homeowners say their wood stove is likely to blame.