Winslow High School students learn about new app aimed at increasing school safety

Published: Sep. 24, 2019 at 6:39 PM EDT
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Winslow High School students learned about an app Tuesday morning aimed at creating a safer learning environment and community.

Say Something is an app that allows students to anonymously report safety concerns.

It could be about bullying, concerns students might be engaging in self-harm, or concerns students might inflict harm on others.

"Students are the eyes and ears of the building, and they have a huge job when it comes to making sure this is a safe place and making sure everybody feels welcome when they walk into Winslow High School," said Winslow High School Principal Chad Bell.

Winslow High School students were taught about the warning signs of potentially dangerous situations and the Say Something app.

"I think it could be something that makes our school a lot safer which is going to make a better learning environment for all of us," said Winslow High School Senior Colby Pomeroy.

"It is really hard for some kids to bring it up and even for teachers to talk about it and adults and stuff like that," said Winslow High School Junior Megan Cates. "I just think it's important that it's brought up, and we do have this conversation just in case anyone does come across that encounter for like a school shooting or self-harm or anything like that so they know what to do in that circumstance."

Students feel that having this tool can make them more confident in their safety in the classroom.

"It means a lot to have someone on your side and to stand up for you, and with the Say Something app, we're going to have a lot of people on our sides," said Winslow High School Senior Mallory Sheridan. "And if we hear things or see things, we can report them a lot easier."

We're told the anonymous aspect of the app is a huge key in allowing more people to feel comfortable using it.

"A lot of people might be scared to say something because they're scared that other people might find out that they're talking about them, so I think this is a really way so more people can say something," said Winslow High School Senior Hannah Stevens.

"It's not snitching, right," said Pomeroy. "It's saying something. It's going to help someone if you say something. It's not like you're trying to hurt them; you're trying to help them. Don't think of it as snitching, and make sure you step up and say something."