Whole Oceans hires expert to make sure possible archaeological remains don't hinder production of salmon farm

Published: Oct. 2, 2019 at 5:30 PM EDT
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The company that wants to build a land-based salmon farm at the former paper mill in Bucksport has hired an expert make sure it doesn't disturb archaeological remains that may be on the property.

Whole Oceans says it's cooperating with the Maine Historic Preservation Commission after a request to conduct a historic site review on the property.

Bucksport Town Manager, Susan Lessard, says the company hired the contractor after a local amateur historian had some concerns that some aspects of the town's history could be lost from the development.

"Whole Oceans is doing exactly what it's supposed to in getting the survey done,” said Lessard. “Historic Preservation has been extremely happy with the cooperation of the town and Whole Oceans in this endeavor and so, the project is moving forward and the outcome of this survey will be determined once that's been reviewed by Historic Preservation."

Whole Oceans released this following statement Wednesday:

“Whole Oceans has cooperated fully with The Maine Historic Preservation Commission’s request to conduct a historic site review of the property where the company plans to build a land-based salmon facility. We hired an independent archaeologist and the site review was conducted in late September. The company should have a report from the archaeologist soon that will also be submitted to the state. Whole Oceans has every intention of complying fully with future recommendations from the MHPC based on the findings from the archaeologist,” said Jacob Bartlett, CEO of Whole Oceans.

Whole Oceans hopes to break ground on the salmon farm later this year.

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