Whitefield Town Officials Seek to Improve Road Safety for Amish Residents, Motorists & Pedestrians

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WHITEFIELD, Maine. (WABI) A number of suggestions have been made to improve safety for motorists, pedestrians, and Amish residents on roads in Whitefield.

Two recent Amish buggy accidents were discussed by members of the Maine DOT, the sheriff's department and the community at a town meeting this month.

A horse-drawn buggy was rear-ended at the beginning of October, just a few days following another minor accident.

No one was injured, but there was property damage.

Reflective armbands for Amish children who walk alongside the roads were handed out during a meeting this week with DOT and an Amish representative.

The sheriff's department has placed electronic signs at various locations throughout town telling drivers to watch their speed and to expect horse drawn carriages.

"A horse going down the road is going to top out at 15 miles an hour. They're potentially out on 55 mile an hour roads. A 40 mile an hour speed differential is a concern. We want to be ahead of this before we have a major accident," said David Allen, Traffic Engineer, DOT.

Maine DOT will be looking into increased usage of buggy signs at more locations.