While some had the day off due to the snow, others were hard at work

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Most of us have one or two vehicles to clean off when it snows.

Now imagine taking care of hundreds of cars, or even airplanes.

"No snow days. We're here 24/7. Planes come in, we service them," said ramp supervisor at Bangor International Airport, Mike McGrath.

It was business as usual at Bangor International Airport Wednesday.

In snowy weather, crews at the airport are in charge of making sure there are no air travel issues. Including the small crew whose main job is to fuel and deice any planes that need it.

Mike McGrath is the ramp supervisor. He says they're in preparation mode for a storm days in advance.

He says this storm wasn't much of a problem, but the other stuff can make it tricky.

"You get that freezing rain and stuff, that's a little more challenging to deice," said McGrath.

BIA now has four deicers that help them do their job more efficiently. Each one allows them to spray on two types of deicer.

"Type 1 clears the snow off the aircraft. I mean, they're spraying that on the plane at over 180°, so it's pretty hot stuff. The heat clears the plane and then it has a limited amount of holdover time or as far as snow accumulating on the plane, but if it's actively falling, they'll put the type 4 on it, and it will give them a longer holdover time," explained McGrath.

Others were hard at work in the storm Wednesday clearing the snow off the roads and a lot of cars.

At Darling's Used Vehicle Center in Bangor, they're in charge of hundreds of cars across four lots.

That includes cars for sale and those in for service.

Crews say it sounds a lot easier than it actually is.

"We get the keys ready," said Jeremy Hodgdon of Darling's Used Vehicle Center in Bangor. "We plow. We broom the cars off. We move them and then we plow where all the cars were parked and put them all back, and then pick up all the keys."

They, too, watch the forecast in advance.

"We keep an eye on the weather pretty good, and usually the day before, we will get everything written down for our stock numbers so we don't have to dig them out and try and look them up," said Hodgdon.

While they do have specific people assigned to each machine, they let me get behind the wheel.

Put it this way, I think I'll stick to my day job.