Wheelchair Accessible Fishing Platform Open for Use in Oakland

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OAKLAND, Maine. (WABI) Wheelchair users can now go fishing safely at the outlet of Messalonskee Lake in Oakland.

A $25,000 handicap accessible fishing platform was installed at Snow Pond Dam near the Oakland Hydro Station last month.

It was part of a long-term plan by Messalonskee Stream Hydro, a division of Boston-based Essex Hydro Associates, to evaluate the need for fishing access for those with disabilities.

The platform is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and is now open for use.

"The Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries suggested this location in Oakland. They had seen there's a lot of anglers there anyways and so due to the way the site is being used, it would be a really good place to have a handicap accessible platform. There's going to be a handicap preferred parking spot there too. We're working on getting the signs put up right now," said Elise Anderson, Regulatory Analyst fro Essex Hyrdo Associates.

They plan to pave over the lot with asphalt so wheelchair users can get from their parking spot to the platform easily.