"Web of lies": Luc Tieman testifies, admits he fabricated stories to State Police

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SKOWHEGAN, Maine (WABI) - A major bombshell after a week of testimony in the murder trial of Luc Tieman.

He's accused of fatally shooting his wife in August of 2016 then burying her in the backyard of his parents Fairfield home.

Testifying against the advice of his counsel, Tieman admitted on the stand Friday that he lied to State Police repeatedly.

Tieman told jurors that police threatened to charge his parents with Valerie's murder, so he "told them what they wanted to hear."

Here's a timeline of statements made my Tieman in connection to his wife's disappearance.

Tieman first told police he and Valerie traveled to Walmart on August 30th of 2016. He left her in the truck and went inside. When he came back, she was gone.

Tieman said Friday that was a lie.

Shortly after police found Valerie's body, Tieman told police Valerie injected herself with heroin and overdosed. So he buried her in their backyard. Tieman said Friday this was also a lie.

Tieman told jurors that Valerie had a drug problem and wanted to help her get clean. After an argument, she allegedly left him to get drugs from other men.

The manager of the Winslow gun shop also took the stand Friday, confirming Luc Tieman bought a 45 caliber handgun from his shop in 2015, the same gun police say was used to kill Valerie Tieman.

Luc Tieman maintains he had no involvement in connection with his wife's death and told police he did not report Valerie missing because he thought she would come back eventually.

On the stand Friday, Tieman appeared frustrated with his counsel, often requesting more questions and opportunities to tell his story.

Both sides have rested and closing arguments are scheduled for Monday.