Experts give advice about what to do if you need to self isolate due to coronavirus

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - If someone in your home is experiencing coronavirus symptoms - what should you do?

Self isolate if you can - that means keeping yourself away from others.

Dr. James Jarvis with Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center says self-isolation is hard to do when you live in a home with others.

Here are some suggestions:

Have the person who feels sick stay in another room. Dr. Jarvis says "do the best you can."
If you can't remain isolated, have everyone in your household practice good hygiene like washing your hands on a regular basis. people with symptoms should also practice good cough or sneeze hygiene. Dr. Jarvis says hand sanitizer can prevent the spread of disease too.

The goal is to limit the virus from spreading.

Dr. James Jarvis, said, "While the numbers of positive cases are low, that does not mean the virus is not out in our communities. In fact, we think it’s just the opposite. Due to testing limitations, we can’t test everybody. We know that this virus is out in our community, so people need to take it seriously."

If you think your symptoms match up with coronavirus, Dr. Jarvis says it's important to call your healthcare provider first.

That way workers can be prepared to protect themselves, so they can protect you.