Waterville restaurant customers leave $2,000 tip

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WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) - An incredible act of generosity by a couple at a Waterville restaurant is getting a lot of attention.

The customers came into the Silver Street Tavern and Restaurant Saturday night around dinner rush.

As they were getting ready to leave, the man asked to speak with a manager.

Wanting to remain anonymous, he requested that the tip he was leaving on his $48 bill be divided among all of the 14 employees working there that night.

The tip was for $2,000.

"We all just started celebrating," says Christina Ames, a food server. "The cooks out back were jumping up, we were just happy. It was somebody appreciating hard work. It was somebody who wanted to do something good, and I think it was well executed."

It came out to about $140 per person.

The manager was able to keep it a secret for most of the night until the restaurant posted the over the top tip on Facebook.