Waterville resident yells at Mayor Isgro at City Council meeting over tweet, causing Isgro to adjourn meeting

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WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) - Tuesday night's Waterville City Council meeting erupted in chaos after a resident started yelling at Mayor Nick Isgro over a tweet the Mayor sent out Tuesday morning.

The resident, Bob Vear, had to be calmed down by City Manager Mike Roy.

Vear yelled for Isgro, "Have me escorted!" to which Isgro declined.

This exchange caused Isgro to adjourn the meeting.

After Isgro left, Vear said, "This is definitely not leadership at its finest."

In light of Isgro's recent declaration that Waterville will still celebrate Columbus Day, the council passed a resolution Tuesday saying that Waterville will follow all of the state-mandated holidays.

This comes after a rally for Indigenous People's Day which took place in Waterville Monday.

Isgro's declaration still stands, and he says that he will likely make it in years to come.

"It actually doesn't change anything from what's happened or will happen in the future, and I think we were pretty inclusive this year of both holidays and I'm sure we will be again next year," said Isgro.

After Isgro adjourned the meeting, other residents that wanted to comment on the matter came up and commented as well.

Vear was given medical treatment after the exchange.