Waterville non-profit and Colby College students team up for auction helping local students to get lunch

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WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) - A Waterville non-profit is holding an auction to help pay for school lunch for students who can't afford it.

"A lot of these kids, lunch is the best meal that they get of the entire day, and there's quite a few of these students where the hot lunch they receive at school might be the only meal that they get for the entire day, so I can't think of anything more important than making sure that our students are nourished," says Charles Ferris, co-founder of Friends of Waterville Public Schools.

Friends of Waterville Public Schools is aiming to raise money so reduced-pay lunch students in Waterville don't have to pay at all.

Many of these students can't afford the rate, so they're given alternate lunches.

"Our goal would be to create a system that all the students that fall in the reduced-pay lunch category would be paid in full for the entire year," says Ferris.

Ferris and his wife Cassie Julia-Ferris have partnered with a Colby College auctions class to create an auction that will help raise the funds.

"My students are engaged in every step of the process," says Tim Hubbard, Associate Professor of Economics at Colby College. "We've conceptualized the charity auction from the ground up, applied for grant funding from the Colby Office of Civic Engagement, and have been really supported by all levels of the Colby community."

The online auction features over 150 items to bid on, from gift cards to holiday gifts to unique experiences.

"The civic engagement experience has been really rewarding both for me and I think for students who get to apply directly the content that we're learning on a day-to-day basis, but also to learn about what it means to be apart of a community and to give back and to care about those who are around you and are supporting you in what you're doing," says Hubbard.

To bid on their array of items or donate money to the cause, go to FriendsOfWaterville.org.

The auction closes tomorrow night at 8:00pm.