Waterville, Winslow & Vassalboro voters to decide whether to dissolve AOS 92

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KENNEBEC COUNTY, Maine (WABI) - Residents from Waterville, Winslow and Vassalboro will vote Tuesday to decide the fate of their school district.

The referendum will determine whether AOS 92 will be dissolved and three independent school systems will be created in its place.

The schools were forced to consolidate in 2009 under the Baldacci administration.

The state threatened that schools with less than 2500 students would face financial penalties if they didn't regionalize.

For the past year, school officials have been working toward dissolving the district.

AOS 92 superintendent Eric Haley fears the district will eventually implode if left as is. He says administrative directors' workload overseeing three community schools is too heavy and his staff is burning out.

"I've already informed the AOS board that if the AOS doesn't dissolve then I'm done at the end of this year- this fiscal year, which would be June 30th. I don't think it's sustainable this way. That's why I'm making this move," said Haley.

No school system has been penalized since 2009 for not consolidating.

If voters approve dissolving the district, services such as transportation and maintenance will remain shared.

Haley says he would become Waterville's superintendent, the current assistant superintendent would lead Winslow's schools and Vasslaboro would hire a part-time superintendent.