Waterville Public Library Waives All Late Fees on 'Fine Forgiveness Day'

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WATERVILLE, Maine. (WABI) Trying to encourage folks to start the new year off right, the Waterville Public Library waived overdue fees for one day only.

Tuesday was the first time the library forgave all existing overdue fees for its patrons.

Library staff say there was no limit on fees or number of books overdue, but replacement costs for lost or damaged items were not included.

We're told they may have another Fine Forgiveness Day later this year, or it may become a New Year's tradition.

"We just basically wanted to encourage people who might of, you know, got in some problems with their account and maybe they're worried to come back into the library, and not be afraid to get that cleared up. And maybe just give people a little bit of a break for the new year," said Sarah Taylor, Teen Services Librarian.

Families are also reminded about Tuesday 'crafternoon' activities.

Every Tuesday, from 2:30 to 4:00, the library will provide materials for kids to create a new craft or project.