Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro unveils new 'Waterville Works' initiative

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WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) - Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro has laid out some new ideas to be considered for changes to the city charter when it will be opened for review next year.

The initiative, entitled 'Waterville Works,' has three main ideas: ending partisan elections for local offices, requiring paid lobbyists that lobby city officials to register with the city, and capping the rate that property taxes can be increased.

Mayor Isgro says that electing city councilors in November who support these ideas is important and any candidate that supports the ideas has his endorsement.

"The reality is when we're talking about things like fixing our schools, fixing our roads, the police and fire department, we shouldn't be discussing those in the context of whether somebody's a Democrat or a Republican," says Mayor Isgro. "And I think it can bring much needed civic reform and really bring people together if we're just looking at each other as Jim, Hank, Sue, Karen, whoever your friends and neighbors are because these are things that shouldn't be influenced by party ideology."

"We do know that people who work for lobbying firms that are paid to lobby do come into the city of Waterville," says Mayor Isgro. "They do try to speak to our city officials, and people should be aware of that. And they should have to register with the city and make themselves known, so that the people of Waterville understand who actually is trying to influence local policy."

Mayor Isgro says that he would like to hear ideas from the community as well. You can email him these ideas at WatervilleWorks@waterville-me.gov.